About Us

Weaves & Looms is all about affordable, modern and sustainable home-wares and home décor. We are a Canadian company based in the beautiful city of Woodstock, Oxford County, Ontario. 

Weaves & Looms is inspired and designed around our love of nature, travel and an uncluttered space to create modern and timeless pieces adding warmth, love, texture and character to your home. At Weaves and Looms, we combine our love of beautiful textiles with our passion for great designs, earthy texture and exotic colors. We love bringing natural materials into our designs, along with inspiration from global trends. 

We aim to achieve the holistic energy that found in a well design room's narrative. Our mission is to help you achieve a tranquil yet refined oasis, far from the bustle of everyday life, making your home a happy place and peaceful retreat where you will truly look forward to coming back at the end of the day.